Stroll Ready For Continued Growth and Improvement in 2020

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After seeing a breath of fresh air felt due to increased funding entering last season, SportPesa Racing Point F1 Team had their sights set on placing fourth in the year-end Constructor standings. They ultimately fell short on their goal, wounding up seventh in the points.

At the time, the goals seems reachable with the money, and the fact that they placed seventh in the 2019 rankings. However, with only one driver stocking up numbers through the year, it’s hard to make much ground.

Perez led the way for the Canadian backed team, scoring 11 top-10’s in the 21 events en route to 10th in the driver standings, including six consecutive to complete the season. Lance Stroll fell short of his Mexican teammate’s numbers, placing 15th with just four top-10’s. Notably, he had the team’s best result, though, finishing fourth in the Grand Prix of Germany.

Stroll recently stated that he believed the short comings were as a result of his poor qualifying results, failing to make Q1 on 14 occasions, with just one showing in Q3. Perez, by contrast, made it to Q3 four times, while failing to progress out of Q1 on eight occasions. With passing being at a premium on a weekly basis, that could easily been the 52-point difference.

“I think generally [Sergio’s] had the upper hand in qualifying, so that’s the area I’m going to work on next year,” Stroll said. “He’s beat me most of the time this year, so that’s something I’ve got to work on.

“I think experience too,” he added. “[Sergio] has been with the team a long time, so I have a different driving style, different approach, which all drivers have. In order to maximize my driving style and approach, there are some things I think we have to keep working on, and come back next year and do better. That’s really what I’m looking forward to.”

The fact that Stroll has done what he has been able to accomplish in his short career to date, says a lot. Now if he can polish up these areas, he could certainly prove to be a force within the mid F1 pack.

“He’s a talented youngster,” SportPesa Racing Point F1 team principal and CEO Otmar Szafnauer said last February. “We forget he’s only 20-years-old, and he’s already been on the front row in a big event.”

With both drivers back on-board for 2020, they will look to build on their chemistry and performance, which seems promising as Stroll sees Perez as a someone whose great to work alongside.

“He’s got a very good approach,” added Stroll. “He’s mentally very strong. He’s a competitive driver all round, both on Saturday and Sunday, and he’s demonstrated that for a long time.”

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