F1 Power Rankings: Monaco

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Throughout the season, POPULAR OPEN WHEEL will rank the top-10 drivers in Formula 1 following each event. 

Team Rankings

2018 Constructor’s Championship After Monaco

1. Mercedes leads Ferrari by 22 points. Not too shabby.

2. Ferrari – The Italian based group is way ahead of Red Bull. They seem worse than they are looking forward and better than that when compared it the opposite.

3. Red Bull – The top-three have carved out a different level of competition than the other seven to such a degree that it’s hard to comprehend all 10 are in the same series.

4. Renault and McLaren Renault – Only six markers apart, the only real difference after Monte Carlo between the two is that the factory team managed to score points while McLaren did not.

6. Force India vaults up into that place due to a sixth-place finish by Esteban Ocon in Monaco.

7. In our index, we rank Toro Rosso seventh due to Pierre Gasley’s seizing that same position in the race.

8. We rank Haas and Sauber.

10. Williams remains dead last in tenth. Sorry.


So, with a little less than one third of the season complete, three drivers are tied for wins with three apiece: Lewis Hamilton, Daniel Ricciardo, and Sebastian Vettel.

Driver Rankings After Monaco

  1. Lewis Hamilton is currently the class of the field and has been for some time. In most circumstances, he is in contention to win.
  2. Daniel Ricciardo is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with, especially due to his “one for the ages” win in Monte Carlo. He moves up to second in our index while rising to third in the Drivers’ Championship.
  3. Hamilton’s teammate, Valtteri Bottas’ has managed to be in P4 in the Driver’s standings without earning a pole, or a race, and got two fastest laps.  Pretty incredible, which is why we rank him third.
  4. Sebastian Vettel is the number one Ferrari driver but cannot seem to take advantage of the many opportunities he’s had since the first two races which he won. He’s still second in points but he’s fourth with us.
  5. Kimi Raikkonen is fifth in the points and just missed a podium in Monaco. So, we agree with his ranking in fifth.
  6. Fernando Alonso remains in sixthplace according to us and his seventh spot in actual points shows that he’s still a credible driver, but we don’t see him winning any time soon. If ever. He probably would have had more fun going back to Indy.
  7. Max Verstappen has gone from Boy Wonder to Boy Blunder in less than one season. He had a chance to begin redeeming himself in Monte Carlo, but he wrecked before qualifying, which meant Red Bull could not get the one – two front row they wanted. Fortunately, he was able to fight his way from starting last to finishing ninth. This moves him to seventh with us and sixth with Formula One.
  8. Carlos Sainz has been consistent in scoring points lately, earning a tenth in Monte Carlo and moves to ninth place in markers.
  9. Sainz’s teammate Nico Hulkenberg on the other hand has been an inconsistent scorer this season. But now he is ninth all around: ninth in points, ninth in this index, and ninth in the iconic race.
  10. Kevin Magnusson’s results have not been as good lately as earlier in 2018 but we still rate him part of the top ten, which agrees with his actual points.

We will resume the rankings after the Canadian Grand Prix.

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