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FIA and Formula 1 to Look into Event Security After Brazil Incidents

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Although the racing on track was great for Formula 1, things did not go smoothly off-track with team and series personnel involved in some scary incidents, including some of Lewis Hamilton’s team being held at gunpoint.

The sanctioning body, FIA, has announced that they will discuss these incidents and overall event security for races with Formula 1 at the next World Motor Sport Council meeting on December 6.

“In the continued spirit of positive collaboration with Formula 1, the Council will then discuss the ways in which a more consistent and effective security procedure can be applied at all events of the FIA Formula One World Championship,” the FIA released in a statement. “The findings will also be shared with other FIA championship organisers to maximise the positive impact this can have across all motor sport. Security is a cooperative effort, and the FIA will seek to work closely with Formula 1 and all its stakeholders to maintain a safe environment for everyone working at or visiting Formula 1 events.”

Prior to Saturday’s practice and qualifying session, Hamilton released two tweets about the incident.

“The most frustrating thing is that I’ve been in Formula One for 10 years and every single year that has happened to somebody in the paddock, and it continues to happen,” Hamilton said. “It’s an issue I’m sure the government here are fighting, but I think maybe on this weekend, there are protocols that should be put in place to help, like for example when we go to Mexico, which weren’t there for these guys.

“So I hope that moving forwards, and I think moving forwards, there will be those. And I think it should be for the whole paddock. That’s partly F1’s responsibility, but generally the people at the top need to take action to keep everyone safe.”

A second incident then took place on Sunday night as teams were leaving the track, with a Pirelli being stopped in an robbery attempt. As a result, the series tire provider cancelled the test they had scheduled to take place on Tuesday and Wednesday.

“Following a robbery attempt, neutralized by Pirelli security, on a Pirelli van at the Interlagos circuit last Sunday — after a weekend where similar episodes occurred with other teams — it has been decided to cancel the tyre test planned on Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 15 on the Brazilian circuit with Team McLaren,” Pirelli said in a statement. “The decision, shared with McLaren, FIA and Formula One, was made in the interest of the safety of the personnel, both McLaren’s and our own, who would have participated in the test.”

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