Ferrari Trust in Teammates Benefiting On-Track Results

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Back in April, a fuse was lit in the Ferrari camp in the form of disagreement between Charles Leclerc and the team’s strategy at the Chinese Grand Prix – which ultimately cost the youngster valuable track position.

Flash forward six months that incident seems to be totally forgotten about, as Leclerc was quick to utter after the Russian Grand Prix that the trust is there between himself, teammate Sebastian Vettel and the team.

“I think the trust doesn’t change and we need to trust each other, Seb and myself, because I think it’s usually important for the benefit of the team in some situations to know that you can count on the other car, and vice versa – I mean in both ways,” he said. “So yeah. I think it’s very important but yes, the trust is still here.”

On the drop of the green flag, it was agreed that Leclerc would run to the left, giving his teammate a tow to make sure both cars were in front of the Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton. The plan was executed perfectly, with Vettel taking the advantage over his young teammate.

The next stage in the agreement was for the pair to reverse their positions on-track, which did not happen until the team brought both cars down pit road later on.

Leclerc said at the time, he had “absolutely no reason to fight” due to trusting completely in the team and fact that they’d swap back later, so “there was no need to take any risks at that time.”

Unfortunately, the race did not pan out as they wanted with a mid-race safety car crushing their strategy, and ultimately allowing Hamilton to gain the advantage, and take the checkered flag ahead of Leclerc. Vettel, meanwhile, fell out of the race with engine trouble.

However, as Leclerc stated, wavering away from the narrative would be unwise at this point, given that Leclerc has finished the last four races on the podium with a pair of victories. Not bad for a driver just in his second year of Formula 1 competition.

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