Drivers Receive Penalties After Monaco Feature Race

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Prema Racing’s Antonio Giovinazzi and Rapax’s Gustav Malja have been given time penalties after a thrilling GP2 feature race in Monaco.

Giovinazzi was deemed to have left the track at Turn 10, gaining an advantage and has been given a five-second penalty onto his race time as this penalty was not served in the race. Malja has also been deemed to have left the track, at Turn 1, and also received a five-second penalty to be added to his race time.

Typically, the penalty is served by the driver by entering the pit lane and stopping in their pit box and waiting five seconds to either leave or have a change of tires.

The Italian was in seventh at the end of the race, but is moved down to 11th in the final classification as he only finished 3.3 seconds ahead of the next four cars. Carlin’s Marvin Kirchhofer is now elevated to seventh place, while ART Grand Prix’s Nobuharu Matsushita moves up to eighth to have the reverse grid pole position for the sprint race. MP Motorsport’s Daniel de Jong is now classified in ninth place, with Rapax’s Arthur Pic the final point scorer in tenth.

He remains 5.1 seconds ahead of Carlin’s Sergio Canamasas and 6.2 seconds ahead of Campos Racing’s Sean Gelael. Malja remains in 14th place despite his penalty as he finished 34.9 seconds behind the leader, 15 seconds ahead of Prema Racing’s Pierre Gasly.

Russian Time’s Artem Markelov won the race, ahead of Racing Engineering’s Norman Nato and MP Motorsport’s Oliver Rowland.

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