Bourdais Returns with KVSH Racing

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Sébastien Bourdais will once again be driving for KVSH Racing.

The Jimmy Vasser, James Sullivan and Kevin Kalkhoven led organization confirmed Bourdais’ return at the end of last month. Notably, the partnership is only a one-year deal.

“It’s not a surprise to us that we were going to contest the series with Sébastien, particularly after the last couple of years,” Vasser said. “We really feel that we’re in a position to fight for the championship.”

Bourdais had a successful campaign last year, winning a pair of races and remained inside the top-six of the points standings till two races to go on the schedule.

“I think the aim is to just always do the best we can,” he said. “When we can win the race, we’ll win the race. When we’ve got to take a podium, we’ll take a podium, and when it’s just a top 5 or top 10, we’ll do the same. This series is all about consistency and being committed to the effort of the program, and I think this year being able to really focus everything on one car and not get any distraction is a big help.”

Bourdais will once again receive sponsorship from Hydroxycut, which marks the sponsors’ fourth year partnered with KVSH.

“We’ve got lots of years with these guys and had a lot of success with them, and we’re pretty excited about this being the next chapter with Kevin, myself and Jimmy and Seb,” Sullivan said.

KVSH Racing also announced that they will focus on a single-car this coming season, rather than trying to run a two-car effort. The decision came down to budget, and lack of success with the second car.

“We’ve been trying to fool ourselves, and it just turns into more of a disaster, really, and a distraction,” Vasser explained. “We were trying to maintain two leader circles and at other times three leader circles, and that was really for economies of scale. The business works better from a financial standpoint with more cars, but we keep trying to do that and we keep shooting ourselves in the foot, really, and coming up short, and that puts pressure on the whole team, it puts pressure on the primary car effort, and even — we made a decision that if that’s the case that we liked it, but we were still trying to do a second car just up until recently for financial reasons because it is so difficult to balance the ledgers and to make it all work.”

The decision allows all of their focus to be on Bourdais, whether from competition to marketing, something they hopes pays off with success this year.

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