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Alonso To Miss Bahrain Due to Injury

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Fernando Alonso will miss the Bahrain Grand Prix after his devastating crash in the Australian Grand Prix.

Alonso suffered broken ribs and a collapsed lung as a result of the crash.

Doctors declined to give Alonso clearance to race at the Sakhir circuit after an exam Thursday morning. The FIA statement said that two sets of chest CT scans had “insufficient resolution of the signs to allow him to compete.”

Alonso said that he felt fine following the accident except for some minor knee pain. When he arrived in Spain after the race, Alonso was checked out by a doctor when his pain worsened.

“We did a proper check, and I had a small pneumothorax [collapse] on the lung,” said Alonso. “We took advice from the doctors to relax at home and repeat the scan last Monday. The pneumothorax is gone more or less, but I had some rib fractures.”

Alonso says that he has recovered from the collapsed lung, but the ribs are still healing from the crash.

“It is a very, very small risk, but I understand we all want zero risk,” Alonso explained. “So it is just a matter of time. In the next 10 days, it should be fine but we cannot guarantee it. Maybe five days, maybe 10, maybe 12.”

The incredible crash, which was replayed by news and sports outlets around the world, saw the two-time world champion clip the left rear of Haas’ Esteban Gutierrez as the pair approached turn three on the 17th lap of the Australian Grand Prix. The contact sent Alonso’s McLaren into the wall and airborne before he flipped several times while tumbling across the gravel trap.

The scary accident led spectators, team members, and fellow competitors alike to wonder about Alonso’s condition, but the Spaniard crawled out of the wreckage unscathed.

WATCH a video of the crash by clicking here

McLaren announced reserve driver Stoffel Vandoorne will make his series debut this weekend. Vandoorne has attended several test sessions with the team and won at Bahrain in GP2 in 2014.

This is the second straight year that Alonso has missed a race. A preseason crash sidelined him for last year’s season opening Grand Prix.

FIA stated that Alonso will undergo a repeat of chest scans ahead of the Chinese Grand Prix with those results determining whether he can race.

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